Measles Outbreak & Vaccination

Only two weeks ago i posted about why i didn’t vaccinate my son, and i 100% stand by this as a personal choice. However, the recent outbreak of  measles reported in the media is driving widespread concern, including for my parents. So once again conversations have arisen in my family about the fact my husband and i decided against vaccinating. This is causing me repeated grief over this subject, and honestly, i’m sick and tired of talking about it, and defending a decision that only my husband and i are responsible for.  I certainly didn’t think that this would be an issue that i’d be posting about again, yet alone this soon.

Anti-vaxxers get a lot of stick, but its not without strong rationale we choose not to vaccinate. There’s a lot of pressure of public responsibility to vaccinate, and i often see comments on forums such as (and i paraphrase) “Anti-Vaxxers are not only endangering their own children’s lives but the lives of those who can’t be vaccinated”, and “It’s everyone’s responsibility to get vaccinated to avoid an epidemic”.

Honestly, are these the comments we are making in a world of information at our finger tips?? My question is, where the hell is the governments, the doctors, and pharmaceutical companies public responsibility to fully inform individuals, and parents of the true risks of vaccination? Or is there none, because it would kill their profit margins? Afterall, vaccinations are patented, meaning big profits, and our GPs are paid commission for each  vaccination they give. Could this be clouding their judgement? Statement-of-financial-entitlements-amendments-directions-2019.  See a breakdown of payments per scheduled vaccination here.

I don’t judge or blame individuals for catching up on their jabs, or parents  for following herd vaccination. Its scary to move away from, or question something that has always been deemed as the norm, most people don’t even think twice about it.  Its just like drinking cows milk, it’s normal, right? Well no, not really, because that’s intended for calves to help them grow into big strong cows, just like a mothers breast milk is intended for infants growth and development. But heavy marketing campaigns tell us otherwise, and so our minds are conditioned to this.

For me, looking at real facts is important but finding relevant and factual information can be difficult, as there are plenty of websites and blogs out there that show bias information,  even the NHS.

If you look at the vaccine schedule, and then click to find out more about a specific vaccine, lets use MMR as an example, most typically the “common” side-effects shown are swelling, redness, and fever; incidentally these are the only ones most doctors tell us about. However, if you dig a little deeper, you can find the side-effects that could be fatal or life limiting, (rare side-effects occur 1 in 1000 doses) such as; narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels, and seizures (fits). There are two vaccines available for MMR, find out more about the side-effects of each here pil.6307 / pil.1159.

During a period of research (as mentioned in “Why i didn’t vaccinate my son“, I came across a site called what do they know, which allows individuals to connect to the government and public sector for freedom of information request. I have been able to dig out some facts from the pool of available information; See below:

You can find more reports at the department of health site and what do they know.

In addition to the above sources of information, the below extracts are stats from The National Vaccine Information centre (NVIC), which is a US independent clearinghouse for information on diseases and vaccine science. This outlines that there were 459 deaths related to the measles vaccine in 2018. There were also thousands hospitalised or disabled as a result of the vaccination (this is in the US alone).


In my view these are pretty scary stats.

To help the public become fully aware of the rate of complications from vaccination, there should be an annual publicised report excluding medical jargon, and easily accessible via our GPs. In addition it should be a part of doctors duty of care to outline the number of annual adverse reactions to vaccinations, including fatalities before injecting our children.

I find it crazy that people are more concerned about the next stupid thing the Kardashian’s have said or done, or whatever sexist comment Donald Trump tweeted, than they are about things that can actually impact their life and importantly health.

You may not agree with anti-vaccination, and that’s fine if you understand the risks on both sides of the coin. Just remember ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power, and any decision you make about vaccinations should be a fully informed one.

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  1. I’ve tried a few times to submit this comment, but the W.P. system has kept asking me to confirm my identity, and when I did that, it made the comment disappear. I’ll try again, for the 4th time.

    You’re right, and brave. And, although there is natural herd immunity, there is no such thing as vaccine herd immunity. Unfortunately, though, vaccine herd mentality is thriving. A lot of spongy parrots out there, soaking up the propaganda, then regurgitating it, as if they know anything.

    My first epiphany was when I rescued dogs, back in the time before very many people vaccinated their dogs for everything. Then, when the pounds began vaccinating them, I brought home a fully vaccinated dog, adding him to my family of 3 unvaccinated dogs. Within a few days, this vaccinated dog developed distemper. None of the unvaccinated dogs caught it from him. The situation repeated itself when I brought home another dog vaccinated at the pound a few years later. This was with all other factors being equal (quality of food, water, environment). However, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I didn’t begin researching until someone handed me a very well documented, but banned, book (the medical industry received advance notices of it, then pulled the first printing of it out of bookstores as soon as it arrived, and quite literally made all copies disappear. Even the author didn’t know where they went). But then the author self-published it (the original publishers were scared off), and although it was never in mainstream bookstores or libraries, I was fortunate to receive a copy of it. And, it was the chapter about vaccines, specifically vaccines causing LEUKEMIA, which intrigued me, and while I was pondering why this very important information was never reported by the media, it occurred to me that I’d never heard anything negative about vaccines in the media; only fawning praise. I knew something was up, and went to the medical libraries to find out what else was being hidden from public view.

    And now, nearly 40 years later, I can say that I’ve learned enough to state confidently that ALL vaccines are ALL poison, ALL the time, in ALL doses. The long term damage done to immune systems, nervous systems, and genetics, is insidious. AND, we are being LIED TO by a conglomerate of industries that started off already rich and influential (Rockefeller and Carnegie funded), and has now grown into an all-powerful Hydra, invading government agencies, setting up it’s own “court” in various countries, doing away with “due process of law,” absolving themselves of liability for children damaged and killed by their products, owning and controlling what the media “reports,” and so much more.

    I had a booklet on the subject published in 1993, and it can be read here:

    the vaccination connection –


    1. Thanks for your comment Sue, and sorry to hear about the adverse reaction your dogs suffered.

      The difficulty is finding reliable, reputable information. People can only rely on reports available from department of health etc. And even though the stats i found are scary, not many people even look at this information before making a decision, yet alone the inserts of the vaccines. Also doctors are not willing to speak up about even their slighest concerns or the potentially fatal reactions that can and do occur.

      Parents only make a decision based on what they are told, and its difficult for many to move away from what they have always known, even when theres a world of information available. I think many find it difficult to even question vaccination, and its knowing what sources of information can be trusted and what can’t.

      Many people ask me what i would do if my son contracted any of these diseases, and all i can say is to treat it the right way, of course it would be scary to go through, no more scary then the adverse reactions and damage to immune systems vaccines cause.

      I ensure my son is well nourished, and the majority of what we eat in my household is organic whole foods, we also take organic vitamin supplements, and black seed oil (for my son only a couple of drops in his fruit smoothies). Of course we have lazy days with some processed foods, but always GMO free, and with the least amount of ingredients. (Noone is perfect).

      We can only do what we can do. Even though i post about this issue, I would never in a million years dictate or tell anyone what make decision to make, as we can only take responsibility for our own decisions, all i protest is that individuals, parents/carers make fully informed decisions.


      1. I grew up in a generation BEFORE the MMR vaccine was licensed, but AFTER the sanitation reforms (and central heating, refrigeration of food, etc.) were instituted in developed countries. My siblings and I, our cousins, friends, and classmates, all had the measles, mumps, etc., and NO ONE died. In fact, I never even heard of anyone going to the hospital for it.

        It is difficult to try to convey all that one has learned over several decades, so, to put it in a nutshell, we have been LIED TO about:
        1.The history of vaccines and epidemics (including, and especially, polio and smallpox)
        2. The effects of having natural infections and recovering from them,
        3. The poisons in vaccines (from the heavy metals to the noxious chemicals and destructive foreign animal RNA/DNA and viruses)
        4. The massive increase in autoimmune disease, cancer, leukemia, asthma, brain disorders, and so much more.

        Thanks for the sympathy for the dogs’ adverse reactions, but the disease was caught early, and I nursed them back to health. My brother was not so lucky. He decided to get a tetanus shot after cutting himself in 2009. And, while the tetanus shots are dangerous (and not proven effective) all by themselves, they’ve been given in a TDaP combo for many years. Within days of receiving the shot, my brother began feeling weakness coming over him. And as it worsened, he went back to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with ALS. He suffered for 2 1/2 years, and then died of suffocation, because that is what ALS does. Autoimmune diseases are directly linked to vaccinations. They are also the predominant cause of SIDS.

        I agree that parents should have the choice, but it does make me sad to see so much suffering resulting from this, and so much DELIBERATE industry propaganda designed to confuse and frighten people.


      2. First of all, thank you for sharing your experience. I am very sorry for the loss of your brother and the suffering that he endured, this is extremely heartbreaking.

        There is a lot of scare mongering in the media, which was what lead me to write this post. My parents were effected by the news stories and even my dad who has been quite supportive of mine and my husbands decision, raised his concern.

        We have all been conditioned to think in a certain way, and even i believed in vaccines in my early 20’s.

        The ingredients in vaccines are extremely toxic for our bodies, and it baffles me how more people aren’t alarmed by this.

        I’m glad i woke up to this before i ever decided to have a child, and remained resilient against the endless guilt trips from doctors etc.. It’s difficult for many to accept this as the truth because of conditioning through the media, its “normal” behaviour to have your child vaccinated, but its not normal if you don’t. Those, such as myself are deemed hippy conspiracy theorists, irresponsible, selfish etc… i don’t care for the labelling, my only concern is ensuring my child is healthy.

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