A World Gone Mad: Our Children’s Future, and Political Correctness

Disclaimer: I mean absolutely no offence to anybody, i have love and respect for all, no matter your background, sexual preference, gender identification etc. All i wish to do is express my freedom of speech, and my own personal opinion while the world and internet still allow me to do so. If you are easily offended, then don’t continue reading this post.

On my blog i cover a few subjects, the day to day life of parenting, motherhood, and i even throw in some of my favourite recipes. However, aside from these daily issues, which many other “mum blogs” talk about, i also post about more serious topics that affects not only us as parents, but our children. I’ve spoken about vaccinations as a starting point, and you can read those posts here.

But i also want to talk about the future of our children. So much has changed in the world since when I was a child, from technology, to the generation of YouTube influencers’, gaining more followers then celebrities and popular TV shows. Political correctness, to the point where everyone is offended by something or another however big or small, and freedom of speech is becoming obsolete, dare we have a differing opinion. Dare we talk about REAL discrimination, real racism, real war and real issues of the world.

We’ve become conditioned to the point of when you hear Muslim, you think terrorist, because that’s all we see in the media. Islam is one of the most peaceful religions in the world, and no true Muslim would ever hurt another living creature, yet alone kill thousands of people as part of a big terrorist agenda. The media call it “Islamic extremism”, but isn’t extremism defined as holding a strong belief in your religion or political view? But now it has become a term which is defined by terror, extreme religious beliefs does not define an act of terrorism.  Terrorism is defined by violence against innocents for an unlawful agenda. This is just one example of media perception, deception.

We’re living in an era where scientists are producing fake food, poisoning our bodies with more then just pesticides and GMOs. There’s fluoride in our water and our tooth paste, which is extremely harmful to our bodies. There’s aluminium in our antiperspirants, and  medicines etc, which is linked with bone and brain diseases including Alzheimers. There’s aspartame in our soft drinks, and even chewing gum, which is linked with causing cancer, and it was even banned as an ingredient, until it wasn’t, and still heavily used today, why?

Even in UK agriculture, farmers are permitted to medicate organic cattle and chickens etc. up to three times a year and still call them organic. It boggles my mind.

We’re moving toward the time of AI (artificial intelligence), its all around us already, we all carry mini robots in our pockets aka our mobile phones, and these devices have learn’t and track our behaviours. A scary fact for me is, science is moving towards AI mimicking human consciousness (if not already happening). Have you seen i,Robot with Will Smith? Scary. Now, i’m not saying that’s going to become our reality, but boy it’s not looking good if robots can think for themselves!

I worry about the future for our children, and the kind of world they may be living in when we’re long gone, and the kind of world their children may be living in. Not just with crazy technological advances, but with the losing battle of humanity. Even today we’re slowly losing humanity, and i think the few awake need to open the eyes of  the many.

Think about the way people used to describe others, or joke with others, which now come across as offensive. Yes, just because it was right then, doesn’t mean it’s right now, however how far is this going to go. We can no longer call men, men, or women, women, even if their biology is as such, and we are moving towards a gender neutral world. Don’t get me wrong, if someone identifies as the opposite sex, all the more power to them, i discriminate against no one, nor judge anyone for how they choose to live their life. Its humanity to be able to live and identify as the person you are on the inside, not just physically. I only ask, where is the line between being politically correct and causing offence?

Where i may sound controversial, is questioning how far some parents are willing to go to be PC. For example, i read somewhere that Paloma Faith is raising her child as gender neutral, again, each to their own and no judgement. However biologically that child is either one sex or the other, not just physically, but mentally. Men and women are not the same, our bodies and our brains are wired differently, and i am a strong minded, mother to one, and full-time working career woman saying that. Should we be liberated from traditional role and bias against both men and women, absolutely, and should we have equal pay, hell yes! Should we have the right to love whoever we want, and be whoever we are, yes! But don’t tell me we are physically and mentally the same, we are not.

Even watching good old Friends on netflix, people have complained about their jokes, why? Because they are no longer deemed as PC enough. All the while real issues of the world are being ignored.

Everyone was calling David Icke crazy years ago, but honestly the man has a point, and lot of what he spoke about years ago and got ridiculed for is happening now. Coincidence?

Mine and my husbands goal is to raise our son, and any future children to be awake, not to be sheep of the deceitful, and we strive for that every day.

See below interview with David Icke, an interesting and insightful watch.

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