Life’s Been Busy

It’s been almost a month since i’ve posted and i’m sorry. Daily life has taken over and i have found myself with barely anytime to think or write.

It was my son’s second birthday a month ago today, and planning and organising took over. I still can’t believe how fast two years have past, and my DS is two years old! When did this happen, i feel like i blinked and my baby has grown in to this wonderful, full of personality little boy.

He is my utter world, and life has felt richer with him, his given me a bigger purpose. No more am I obsessed with work, because my obsession is now my son and watching him grow. His learning so much, and honestly he surprises me daily. His jabbering on, knows how to count to 10, loves to sing and dance, loves airplane spotting, and so much more.

Post my sons birthday i have been busy with my day job and preparing for my family holiday to North Cyprus, where i am currently writing this post by the pool, and laying on a sunbed.

I find holiday prep so stressful, remembering to pack all the neccesseties, organsing travel insurance, remembering to check in online to ensure we are all sitting together etc.. but finally at our destination and i can begin to relax.

This is the first time i had a moment to myself in weeks. We are away with my husbands side of the family and in total there is literally 24 of us here.

My son is really enjo20190726_120733ying his holiday, absolutely loving the pool, beach, and being around the family, particularly all the attention his getting from his cousins.


For me it’s been amazing, and really special to have so much qaulity time with my son. A full two weeks of watching him grow, cuddles, kisses, playing together and gain confidence in the pool, i couldn’t ask for anything more.

When i am back to regular routine, i will aim to post at least once a week. Thank you all of baring with me.





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