This is going to be a rant and i’m sorry. But i’m sick to death of misinformation in the media or should i say selective information.

There is yet more scaremongering about measles…we’re are told 65% of new measles cases are occuring in London. Please tell me what percentage of those are children, adults, vaccinated and unvaccinated?

The blame is immediately pointed at the anti-vax movement, but where is the evidence? And if this is the case, then why is there only an outbreak of measles and not other diseases that parents no longer vaccinate against?

All we ever hear is social responsibility, yet theres still no accountability or responsibility taken for those children who have been damaged for life through actual vaccine misinformation.

This is a medical procedure which carries true risk, but we are told the benefits outweigh the risks. So to the media i ask, where is the outline for either? Its just words, it means nothing without true evidence. Where is the research, the case studies of vaccinated and unvaccinated children? that’s right, there are non.

So my i beg the UK media to outline the above the British public, not just provide us with bias and fudged stats to socially outcast us that say no for the right reasons. Stop providing selective stats that masks the true threat, and jeopardises our right as individuals and parents to say no to vaccination.

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  1. Sorry for the grammar and punctuation errors. The system had me jumping through numerous hoops just to identify myself and get the comment printed (almost lost the whole comment), and in the process things got scrambled and I didn’t see the errors until I finally managed to get in.


  2. Now in my 70’s, I was a child growing up in a middle class neighborhood in the United States in the 1950’s. I and my 3 siblings had measles, our friends and classmates had measles. No one who we ever knew died of measles. As a result of having it, we’re naturally immune. And, according to some scientists’ findings, it strengthens the immune system over-all. I can’t say the same for the vaccine, but more on that coming up.

    It’s not easy to unravel all the corruption throughout recent history regarding vaccination in a comment bubble, but I’ll try to put some of it in a nutshell.

    I began questioning vaccines after I noticed that my vaccinated rescue dogs were getting the diseases they had been vaccinated for, and the unvaccinated ones weren’t “catching” it from them. This was in an environment where all factors were equal (quality of food, water, shelter). Of course, unvaccinated dogs can get sick, especially if one or more of those other factors are lacking, but that’s not a true comparison.

    Then I came into possession of a banned book (banned because the “Medical Mafia” didn’t like their secrets being aired), and was intrigued by the section on vaccines, particularly the part where the head of a large hospital declared that smallpox and diphtheria shots were causing “an explosion of leukemia.”
    So, in 1982, I began researching in medical libraries, and found that what was being shared in the pages of medical journals about vaccinations was often in complete contradiction to what was being reported to the public. This was before the pharmaceutical industry took over so completely that the medical journals also became debauched.

    In 1986, because of the fact that so many people had been suing over deaths and injuries caused by vaccines (and the vaccine makers weren’t happy about having to pay the piper), the official story is that they claimed they were becoming “too poor,” and would no longer be able to make (according to the propaganda) “life-saving vaccines.”

    Even the “official” account should raise red flags, but it usually doesn’t, because people have been manipulated and trained to respond only to the industry agitprop sound bites. So the U.S. government (most likely encouraged by a great deal of industry lobby money) threw out our Constitutional right to “due process” in court, and replaced it with the vaccine industry-run “Vaccine Court.” And along with the Vaccine Court came absolving and protecting vaccine makers of financial liability. It couldn’t be a more perfect coup. Afterwards, if the foxes guarding the henhouses deign to acknowledge a death or devastating injury, the taxpayers get to pay the damages, while the industry players laugh all the way to their offshore banks. And now they’re feel free to increase vaccinations, and mandate them. Their strong-arm tactics have become ever more severe, as their power has elevated them to “untouchable.” Doctors, scientists, immunologists, etc., who attempt to speak the truth are silenced by various means, including being stripped of license to practice, and incarceration.

    Back to measles – In developed countries, deaths from measles were very few (far less than vaccine-induced adverse events, including death) once the advent of closed sewers, refrigeration of food, central heat, etc., were introduced.

    The full spectrum of damage caused by injecting heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and foreign RNA, DNA, and viruses directly into the body has been deliberately hidden. People are aware of the autism “controversy” (vaccines DO cause autism, although the corporate-owned media not only denies it, but creates ridicule around it), yet have no idea that vaccination is the main culprit in all forms of auto-immune disease, and causes many dozens ‘adverse events, from allergies, to cancer, to death. And, not all of these show up right away. Genetic alteration has been demonstrated.

    The CDC has been exposed, not only by whistleblowers, but the fact that it owns numerous vaccine patent$, but the public doesn’t get told about these things. The other agencies also kneel and bow at the feet of the pharmaceutical empire. Vaccines are Pharma’s sacred cow, which is why we don’t see any negative press or ads on TV about them.

    There is a law in the physical, material world: “Survival of the fittest.” It’s nature’s way of strengthening the species. If everyone becomes vaccinated, especially with the numbers of shots being “required” today, I can confidently predict that we will have no “fittest” left.

    Good luck with entreating the bought media to tell the truth. I expect it’s rather like trying to roller skate up a steep hill.


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