Coronavirus – Some Perspective

In a time of negative news, I want to give you my followers and those just passing by, some hope and perspective.

We live in a world with 7.7 billion people, globally there are approximately 205,000 cases of coronavirus (as of 18th March), and more than 82,000 people have recovered from coronavirus. There have been 8,200 deaths, the majority of those who have very sadly lost their lives had underlying health issues, and for anyone reading this who has lost somebody to this virus, I send you lots of love and my sympathies.

The growth of the virus has slowed down, which may be due to measures taking place, but let’s look at these numbers again, 7.7 billion world population, 203,000 people infected, this means it has impacted 0.0026% of the world’s population. 

Yet people are stockpiling on loo roll?????

I would like to be clear, I am by no means downplaying the impact on life or suggesting that the impacted lives are insignificant. I just want to give a perspective of the current situation and urge everyone to please stop panicking. Let’s continue to protect the vulnerable, not just from coronavirus but from any other virus that can impact their health. 

We seem to be living in unprecedented times. What we are all going through seems intimidating because we only hear negativity in the media and that extreme measures are being put in place, such as self-isolation and quarantine.

I call for positive messages to be shared in mainstream media, such as telling us recovery rates etc.

In the meantime, we can help our selves. This dark time will pass, and we can help this along by thinking positively, and putting out positive frequencies to the world (ever read the secret? Something like that).

We are likely to see the same measures as China and France in the UK, with quarantine/lockdown and only being able to go out with permission for anything essential, and medical attention.

But I’m not taking this negatively, I’m using this to MY ADVANTAGE. How?

  • It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with my son and husband.
  • It’s an opportunity to potty train, hopefully with success this time!
  • To do the things I neglect in my home.
  • To catch up on sleep.
  • To go makeup-free!
  • To do yoga daily and learn to meditate.
  • Less build-up of laundry.
  • Catch up on box sets.
  • Watch The Irishman.
  • Practice some new recipes and bake.
  • To write more!

Things keeping me motivated and in good spirits;

  • The positive attitude and faith I have that this dark time WILL COME TO AN END.
  • Speaking to my family and friends daily.
  • Trying to keep whatever I can in normal routine, setting an alarm, taking a shower, getting dressed etc.
  • Setting myself a daily exercise challenge.
  • Keeping myself healthy – drinking lots of water and herbal teas etc.

There is so much more you can do!

I think it’s extremely important to keep a positive attitude, don’t let the mainstream media put fear into us, or the imminent (essentially) house arrest beat you down.

Wherever you are in the world, I am sending you lots of love and positive thoughts.  With the risk of sounding super British, Stay Calm and Carry On!






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