STOP Stockpiling – A Plea To The UK Public

For the last two weeks, people have been selfishly stockpiling and hoarding products due to the coronavirus outbreak. It has been almost impossible to find anything in the supermarkets, beginning with pasta and loo roll, now fresh fruit and veg.

When I first saw the empty shelves of Sainburys last week, I literally just wanted to break down and cry, not thinking of myself but of my son and the vulnerable.

Communities are in utter hysteria, stockpiling has snowballed and more people are panic buying anything they can get their hands on, because if they don’t then damn sure someone else will.

It doesn’t help that it has also become a challenge to shop groceries online, there are no delivery slots available at any supermarket for many of us for weeks on end (probably even months). There is even a queue to enter the Ocado site. Overall, it’s become a postcode lottery of grocery shopping.

My message to stockpilers – Please take a minute and think about the masses of people this is impacting, the utter heartbreak you are causing at already a difficult time, and what feels like pointless trips to the supermarket because there is NOTHING. You don’t know who you are impacting, a young family, the elderly, the disabled. These people may desperately rely on delivery services, which they may not be able to get because (even if they can find the stock) there is no capacity due to the hysteria you have caused. All I have to say to you is – shame.

*Update – I am utterly disgusted to learn that the allocated time slots at supermarkets for NHS staff was ruined by 1000’s of selfish people continuing to turn up. PLEASE STOP and think about others who do not have the luxury of time to buy their bare essentials, because they on the front line helping the vulnerable. JUST STOP.

This is a time when we need each other when we need kindness and community (even if it has to be at a distance). It is unfortunate that we have seen how ugly and selfish people can be at a time like this.  I am more afraid of the loss of humanity than I am of this god damn virus. 

So I plead with the UK public (and around the world to the countries where we have also seen this happen), think before you buy, don’t cause further unnecessary strain on your community. There is enough for everyone, supermarkets can cope and continue to supply to ALL if the greedy stop thinking only of themselves.

Please just buy one or two units of whatever you need instead of five or 10. This mess will last for months if people continue to panic buy, which is completely unnecessary.

I applaud those who have been out and about helping the vulnerable, we need more people like you!

Let’s bring back humanity.



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